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  • Christopher Smith, Publisher

Pocono Organics: First to Earn Regenerative Certification for Hemp

It’s no surprise that west coast leads in Organic Agriculture. California is first, Washington is second?

And Third?

I never would have guessed that, so this headline from Cannabis Equipment News was a nice surprise:


“POCONO ORGANICS of Long Pond, Pennsylvania, one of the largest regenerative organic farms in North America, has received its Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC), becoming the first source grower of Regenerative Organic Certified hemp in the world.” And the first provider of ROC-certified hemp products.

The Regenerative Organic Alliance was spearheaded by three global pioneers in their industries – Patagonia, Rodale Institute, and Dr. Bronner’s. (Feeling clever that I mentioned two of these esteemed brands last week.)

And just in case “organic” and “regenerative” are not clear –

  • "Organic” is the federal certification system that limits chemicals and pesticides and is managed by the US Department of Agriculture

  • Regenerative standards go beyond Organic standards.” It is “a system of farming principles and practices that increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds, AND MOST SIGNIFICANTLY:

  • Favors no-till farming to rebuild soil and soil health to capture carbon in the soil and biomass to reduce climate change.

Why does this matter? The Rodale Institute estimates that we have LESS THAN 60 years of topsoil remaining at current practices. So Regenerative Organic Agriculture is crucial

The founder and President of Pocono Organics is a woman named Ashley Walsh. In her 30’s she had GASTROPERESIS (paralyzed stomach) which forced her to find sources of organic food so she didn’t need Pharma and feeding tubes to survive. She couldn’t find one so she created one, and it helped answer the other question in her life: “How can I help others experience the healing power of healthy food?”


Pocono Organics is a pretty cool place:

  • Its buildings are built to LEED Standards (natch)

  • On-campus Organic Market and café whose Executive Chef is Lindsay McClain, a Champion of the Food Network TV show “Chopped”

  • Powered by a 25-acre solar farm that generates 3-MW of power that also supplies power for Pocono Raceway (next door)

  • Has its own colony of more than 300,000 honey bees

  • It's main buildings are designed so that water from 70,000 SF of rooftop that is captured, filtered and re-used for irrigation of greenhouses crops


Speaking of Pocono Raceway, the farm is the first CBD make to sponsor a NASCAR Race. It’s called the “Pocono Organics CBD 325”

But just to show you how far we have to go on all things relating to cannabis and hemp, even though the latter is federally approved:

1. The TV broadcaster, NBC, will not mention CBD during the broadcast and

2. The track has two logos for the event -- one with CBD in bold and the other that highlights 325

3. NBC Sports will call the race the ‘ 325’ during the broadcast

That’s the same network that is broadcasting the Olympics that won’t let Sha-Carri Richardson run!

You're on the wrong end of both issues, NBC.

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