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  • Christopher Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Concentrated Cannabis Beverages are More Sustainable

Here's a story today from BevNet, “… the leading food and beverage-oriented media company”:

The BevNet story is about a new product, but the subject I’d like to talk about is POTENCY. There are multiple conversations going on around the country about limiting THC levels in cannabis – Illinois, Mississippi, Colorado, Vermont... and Cannabis Now just did a big story about potency-caps which is a reefer-madness issue all the way.


So here’s a California product that flies in the face of limits: it’s called Drink Loud. (It seems to be so new – as of this writing the website doesn’t show any locations where it’s available and its Instagram account has no posts - only shows the company logo … so it’s early days at Drink Loud.)

I’m not into edibles personally, but I’ve got two beverages in my fridge. One is a single serving bottle with 10 mg of THC in 8 ounces of tea. The other is a bottle with 100 mg. of THC in 8 ounces of Lemonade, and the instructions say a capful is a dose. That’s legal, according to the regs.

Drink Loud is 100 mg in a bottle that’s less than 2 ounces. So it’s way more concentrated. 100 mg THC in a bottle that appears to be about the size of a nail polish bottle.


I’m curious what anyone thinks about high-potency, low dose edibles like this, and appreciate your comments.

  • I always worry about how our enemies are going to come at us.

  • I worry about the bad-parent stories which are framed as "kids getting into stuff"

  • I think Drink Loud may get some regulatory pushback for its branding – the logo is a big smiley face and the bottles are bright colors…

  • On the other hand, delivering 10 doses of THC in a 2 oz. container instead of 8 oz. means the company is shipping far less water, which saves water (duh) but also saves weight, and therefore saves fuel, which saves the environmental costs of extracting/shipping/procressing the fuel and the pollution expended as the fuel is used.

image source: Drink Loud


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