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Remembering Charlotte Figi

Must give a shout out to the Stanley Brothers for... well for so many reasons. First and foremost for helping Charlotte Figi survive much longer than her epilepsy condition would have allowed - and practically seizure-free, thereby allowing her family and her community to love her for many more precious years. Also for helping millions witness of the true potential of the plant, and leading a profound change that reaches around the world. And of course, for creating Charlotte's Web, the company, so that others might find relief and balance through their talents.

Charlotte passed away 1 year ago today at age 13. It's difficult to describe how much that news hurt but, falling as it did in the time of COVID, it was impossible to come together to mourn her loss.

The Stanley Brothers have created a series of events they're calling "Founders Week", cultivating in a concert tonight (April 7, 20231) in conjunction with Realm of Caring:


To celebrate the life of this inspirational girl, we're bringing together some of the top musical acts in the country, all with the mission to allow our community --you-- to grieve, heal and celebrate.

Hats off to the Stanley Brothers: Josh, Joel, Jesse, Jon, Jordan, Jared, and J. Austin.


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