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  • Alexander Bencore

State of Cannabis News Hour

The State of Cannabis News Hour has become the go-to audio source for cannabis news on Clubhouse social media platform.

Launched on 4/20 and presented every weekday at 9 am Pacific Time (lunch time on the east coast and evening in Europe) the show features a rotating cast of 25 industry leaders, elected officials, regulators, and lovers of cannabis, including:

  • Steve Bloom (publisher of CelebStoner, former editor of High Times and the founder of 4/20)

  • Jason Beck (longest continuous retailer of cannabis in the US)

  • Lara DeCaro, founder of the International Cannabis Bar Association

  • John Makewitch, Cannabis Attorney

  • World-renowned cannabis researcher Jahan, Marcu

  • Guy Rocourt, co-founder and President of Papa & Barkley

  • Nichole West, advocate and UFCW Representative


The Cannabis News Hour's experts scan news from the world's publications and deliver an expert summary. Each expert gets about 3 minutes per story, and a robust debate usually ensues with an absolutely wild amount of first-person feedback. The show is moderated by State of Cannabis the show's creator and producer, Susan Soares, and industry expert Nichole West.

Here's a sample of today's stories:


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