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State of Cannabis News Hour, June 4, 2021

The State of Cannabis News Hour for Friday, May 14, 2021

We wrapped another episode of the Cannabis News Hour this morning, with a feisty cast and knockdown slate of cannabis news headlines from around the world.

Cannabis Experts on Stage

  • Nichole West, Cannabis Business Specialist & UFCW Representative

  • Gretchen Gailey, Washington insider and founder of Panoptic Strategies

  • Steve Bloom, Publisher of, former editor of High Times

  • Christopher Smith, Communications Strategist & Publisher of the American Cannabis Report

  • Guy Rocourt, Co-founder and president of Papa & Barkley

  • Susan Soares, Founder, The State of Cannabis

  • Priscilla Agoncillo, Voted Top 25 Women in Cannabis Making History & CEO of Original Breeders League

  • Jason Beck, Longest Continuous Retailer of Cannabis in the US

  • Rico Lamitte, Founder of Canivision and a Dope Dad

  • Stone Slade, Host and co-creator of new show "Hittin the High Road with Stone Slade" and Sensi Mag"

  • Ben Gelt, Serial Entrepreneur & Cannabis Certification Council Chairman

  • Brandon Dorsky, CEO @ Fruit Slabs & Attorney @ Hoban Law Group

  • Karen Rappaport, Content Creator and Cannabis Connector

  • John Makewitch, CAnnabis Attorney


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