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  • Christopher Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Steve Frye Pulls Another Karen in San Luis Obisbo

It figures his name is Steve, but you might want to call him Karen. “For the fourth time in seven years, an Orange County men’s rights activist is suing a San Luis Obispo County business for alleged gender discrimination.”

Steve Frye, a former member of the National Coalition for Men has filed a class-action lawsuit against a dispensary called Megan’s Organic Market over a Ladies Night promotion.

The Promotion offers a 16% discount on products to women every Monday night. If that number seems a bit random, the Ladies Night Ad will explain:

“On average, women make $.84 for every dollar their male counterparts make. What?! As a company that is founded, majority owned, and managed by women, we think this is absurd. So, every Monday from 6pm till close, we’re offering women 16% off their purchase.”

“The lawsuit says Frye entered the business during the promotion hours in June and witnessed women get the discount while it was not offered to him.”

The complaint notes that the business’ own advertisement acknowledges it cannot solely offer the discount to women, but apparently: "… it’s how Megan’s said it that ruffled Frye’s feathers. Again, from the ad:

"If you’re a man, and reap the benefits of pay inequality, and also want to redeem this discount, be our guest."

(One thing is clear: Megan is badass.)

"Frye’s lawsuit claims this amounts to “shaming” those who do take advantage of the deal, and he’s suing on behalf of “hundreds of customers whom Megan’s treated unequally by being charged different prices for their purchases … based solely on customers’ sex."

"The lawsuit claims that the gender-based promotion “reinforced and perpetuated harmful stereotypes and generalizations” about women and men — suggesting that all women are oppressed and suffer from pay discrimination, and that all men are oppressors and benefit from pay discrimination."

"The lawsuit seeks statutory damages of $4,000 “for each and every offense,” and an order requiring that Megan’s Organic Market management and employees undergo diversity and inclusiveness training.”

Now I’m no judge, but someone might look at Megan’s website and realize it’s open from 9am to 8pm every day, or 77 hours per week. The Ladies Night is from 6pm to 8pm on Monday, so there are 75 hours of operation each week where Steve could go the Megan’s and be treated like a woman, since that’s what he seems to want.

And last, I said earlier this is Steve Frye’s fourth lawsuit in seven years… in fact, Steve Frye has filed 40 gender discrimination lawsuits across the state of California.


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