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  • Emily Drayton, Staff Writer

The State of Cannabis News Hour Launches on 4/20

The Fastest Growing Industry Embraces Social Media's Fastest Growing App

The State of Cannabis, a leading California cannabis advocacy and event production organization, is launching The State of Cannabis News Hour on Clubhouse this 4/20. The show, which will air from 9am to 10 am PST Monday through Friday, will feature news and commentary from cannabis experts from around the world and is being billed as “Cannabis News by the People Who Make It.

“Since first visiting in December 2020, I’ve been all in on Clubhouse,” says Susan Soares, founder of The State of Cannabis. “I was inspired by the #NewsNewsNewsCH to build a focused cannabis news channel that #Clubhouse users can rely on every weekday. With 69% of Americans now support legalizing cannabis according to Quinnipiac University polling, there is a real hunger for information about the industry and we are hoping we can provide it.”

The Cannabis News Hour will be a roundtable-style news format with subject matter experts bringing stories every weekday morning from the world of cannabis. These important news stories are those that are driving developments in – and restrictions against – America’s fastest growing industry.

“Over 300,000 Americans now work in the legal cannabis industry – these workers were declared ‘essential’ during the COVID emergency. In the past few weeks, three more states have legalized bringing the total number of adult use states to 18, along with the 35 medical states and the District of Columbia. New realities like these demonstrate the sheer potential cannabis has to be a leading force for the economy, jobs, health and wellness, and social equity,” said Soares.

The show will feature industry experts covering all aspects of cannabis news:

  • Nancy Birnbaum, Publisher, Sensi Media Group

  • Steve Bloom, Publisher, Celeb Stoner

  • Lara DeCaro, Partner, Leland, Parachini, Steinberg, Matzger & Melnick

  • Brandon Dorsky, CEO, Fruit Slabs

  • Chris Eggers, Physical Security Consultant, CCSS

  • Gretchen Gailey, Founder, Panoptic-Strategies

  • Ben Gelt, Founder Cannabis Certification Council

  • Eric Hiss-Loreda, Freelance writer, New York Times, Marijuana Venture, CannaGrow Holdings

  • Victoria Litman, Pro Bono Scholar, Advocates for Justice

  • Mark Passerini, EVP, Mission Dispensaries

  • Gabby Pavelko, Founder, Good People

  • Jennifer Piro, Angel Investor, The Cannabis Syndicate

  • Priscilla Pyrk Agoncillo, President, CBD Industry Association

  • Nick Richards, Partner, Greenspoon Marder

  • Christopher Smith, Publisher, The American Cannabis Report

  • Nichole West, Special Project Union Representative UFCW : Cannabis Education

“One hour of cannabis headlines with analysis and insider insights, Monday through Friday at 9 AM PST on Clubhouse. Look for the club, The State of Cannabis, and become a member today. It’s FREE to join us for this important content,” added Soares.

Clubhouse is the fastest-growing new social media platform with 10 Million weekly active users already, including a 5x-growth in users in January 2021 alone. The inaugural episode is sponsored by advertising technology company Traffic Roots.

Traffic Roots lets cannabis brands access a massive digital advertising network via a simple self-service platform. Control your expenses, target your messages down to the neighborhood, and scale your brand with Traffic Roots @

About The State of Cannabis

The State of Cannabis is a meeting of the minds. We are the cannabis industry leaders, elected officials, regulators, and lovers of cannabis. We are here to collectively move cannabis policy forward in and inclusive and sustainable way. “The State of Cannabis News Hour” airs on Clubhouse every weekday at 9-10am PST. Industry pros and canna-curious can tune in to hear leading cannabis experts announce and discuss headlines and critical industry issues, social topics, and more – “Cannabis News by the People Who Make It.”

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