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VICE: Narco Hitmen on Jet Skis Opened Fire on a Cancun Beach, Killing Two

The legacy of violence in the illegal drug trade is unrelenting. Our media friends at VICE report: "Narco Hitmen on Jet Skis Sprayed a Cancun Beach With Bullets, Killing Two People"

An American woman has been hospitalized in Cancun following a beachside shooting that left two people dead. Identified only as Kanya N, the Kentucky resident was hit by a stray bullet in the shoulder as she relaxed underneath a palm-roofed hut while on vacation over the weekend.

According to witnesses, a pair of assassins attacked the beach using a jet ski, firing 10 to 15 shots before fleeing across the turquoise waters that attract millions of tourists from around the world each year.

The victims, who died at the scene, were reportedly street vendors who sold craft goods to tourists. But many of those vendors double as small-scale drug dealers – feeding demand from tourists for marijuana and cocaine.

The shooting, which occurred in the afternoon of June 11, is believed to be the result of a territorial dispute between rival gangs...

IMAGE source: HI Sutton

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