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  • Emily Drayton, Staff Writer

Your Sperm is Likely Just Fine

CED Clinic, Massachusetts' premier medical cannabis clinic for both adult and pediatric patients led by Dr. Benjamin Caplan and Dr. Eric Exelbert, reports today that "Despite rising assumptions and concerns that smoking #cannabis impairs testicular function and decreases #sperm qualities and reproductive #hormones, a recent clinical study at Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Center suggested the contrary."

Dr. Caplan shared the news via blog and Instagram today.

"In particular, the researchers extrapolated from their collected data that among male consumers of cannabis, sperm concentration ranges from 56.0 to 703 million/mL, with an average of 62.7 million/mL.

"Meanwhile, male cannabis non-users had significantly lower sperm concentration, ranging from 38.6 to 53.3 million/mL, with an average of 45.4 million/mL. (emphasis added - Ed.)

"Their data also indicated no significant differences in sperm concentration between current and past marijuana smokers. A similar pattern was observed for total sperm count.

The study concluded that "... there was no difference in serum testosterone level between men who had and had never smoked marijuana.

"Although these findings might not be perfectly representative and generalizable to all men, (the study was conducted on those who experienced challenges conceiving), to certain extent they still contradicted the concern that marijuana poses deleterious effects on testicular function."

Find the link to the study at


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