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About the American Cannabis Report

The American Cannabis Report is intended to be a thought-provoking online magazine of curated and original content about the hottest topics in America's fastest growing industry. The American Cannabis Report provides the news and analysis that legislators and industry decision makers need to make the right decisions.


The mission of the American Cannabis Report is to support public discourse and fight propaganda, leading to the end of cannabis' federal prohibition in the US, and to remove cannabis from Schedule I and move it to Schedule III on the US Drug Enforcement Agency's​ Schedule of Controlled Substances.


Our primary objective is to support universal access to medicinal projects derived from the cannabis plant (including hemp). Helping to create jobs and job training, new tax revenues that benefit schools and public safety efforts, ending the violent black market, saving drug enforcement costs, creating safety protocols, reducing the indefensible number of incarcerations due to possession and use - even recreationally and responsibly - will be secondary results if we are successful.

When cannabis is moved to Schedule III, it will accomplish ​several things: 

  1. It decriminalize possession of cannabis by legal users, growers, sellers, and researchers

  2. It will allow scientists, doctors, and researchers to test and investigate cannabis and its properties to validate its applicable uses in healthcare (currently, keeping cannabis for testing is equivalent to "possession" according to federal law), and

  3. It will allow doctors, without fear of prosecution, to legally prescribe cannabis and its components for treating adults and children suffering from any diseases that are typically included in "qualifying conditions"* of states that have legalized medical cannabis.​

  4. It will allow US banks to support the nascent cannabis industry with banking services, ending the dangerous practice of forcing these businesses to deal only in cash.


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