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The industry needs to get in the game and play like the huge commodity it is

As the cannabis industry matures, it is deriving more momentum from connected, historically significant events. 

One was the legalization of both recreational and medical cannabis in Canada in October. 

The other event was the legalization of hemp in December, which freed CBD producers to do more-better-faster. Sales of CBD products alone will bloom into...

Dear Readers, you’ve noticed our output has been limited for the past month here at the American Cannabis Report. 

We had observed that the cannabis industry has reached an inflection point, where the end of Prohibition is within reach. Economic momentum, tax revenues, public opinion, political discourse… all are heading in the right directions.

So we pulled back to take a hard look at the industry, and our role as influencers t...

Newcomers find an edge to bridge business understanding between cannabis entrepreneurs and skittish investors

Are traditional investors ready to throw their hats into the cannabis market?

Yes and no. 

All you have to do is look at the Tilray run recently – crashing from a high of $300/share to $99/share in just a few days in September – to see why they are not jumping in just yet. Too much regulatory and legal uncertainty. Too mu...

Toting duffel bags stuffed with thousands in cash? Counting money Scarface-like in the back room? Shutting down politician’s accounts for supporting the industry? This is no way to run an industry.

Us: “Irrational.” “Ludicrous.” “Foolhardy.”

Them: “Not our mandate.” “Our hands are tied.” “It’s not our job.”

With all the business momentum in the cannabis industry, and more investors ready to jump in, the one sticking point that ev...

Well, here we are, cannabis industry people, waist-deep into 2018. 

And, but for a few bumps here and there with some state regulations rollouts, and continued beefs and bluffs from a U.S. attorney general apparently not in sync with his boss, all signals are still go. 

In fact, announcing a position on cannabis has become an issue that any wannabe running for office in the November mid-terms needs to address. Who could have pre...

The American Cannabis Report is proud to announce that David Hodes, a member of the National Press Club and an experienced and award-winning American journalist with deep experience writing about the cannabis industry, has joined us as our Washington Correspondent.

Mr. Hodes was named 2018 Journalist of the Year by Americans for Safe Access, the largest U.S. medical cannabis advocacy organization. He has served as Managing...

After more than a year of banging his head against the wall of a cannabis business model he could not rationalize, at the urging of a friend who had not revealed his need to succeed, entrepreneur and financial advisor Dean Petkanas appealed to heaven for guidance.

“I was really stuck, and couldn’t find a way forward. So I asked God, “What is expected of me?””

To better understand his supplication nine years ago in 2009, let’s ba...

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January 15, 2019