The cannabis industry is an extremely challenging space in which to work. Federal prohibition, lack of normal business banking, opposition by multiple industries, lack of intra-state shipping, unfair taxation... To be honest, it's a hassle. Yet thousands of us persevere. In this section, please enjoy some of the compelling and deeply personal motivations that drive us to fight for the End of Cannabis Prohibition.

A new article in Green Entrepreneur scribed by our Editor, Christopher Smith, highlights the extraordinary efforts our industry puts toward bettering our communities.

Seven efforts are highlighted here:

After more than a year of banging his head against the wall of a cannabis business model he could not rationalize, at the urging of a friend who had not revealed his need to succeed, entrepreneur and financial advisor Dean Petkanas appealed to heaven for guidance.

“I was really stuck, and couldn’t find a way forward. So I asked God, “What is expected of me?””

To better understand his supplication nine years ago in 2009, let’s ba...

I had managed to navigate three New York City subway changes and an early morning deluge to arrive early at the media area at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo. From that vantage point, it was easy to spot Liz Carmouche crossing the room.

Though not tall, she stands out in the sea of business people, the fabric of her T-shirt straining against biceps and lats that can only be built over thousands of furious hours in...