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People To Watch In Cannabis

From a press release today we learned that our friends at Calyx Peak Capital

have raised $30 Million for investment in cannabis ventures.

Calyx has diligently built a formidable company in the fastest-growing industry. The company is led by a diverse and growing team of experts with backgrounds in the medical, consumer branding, retail, construction, business, and cannabis industries, and operates multiple cannabis-centric opera...

The industry needs to get in the game and play like the huge commodity it is

As the cannabis industry matures, it is deriving more momentum from connected, historically significant events. 

One was the legalization of both recreational and medical cannabis in Canada in October. 

The other event was the legalization of hemp in December, which freed CBD producers to do more-better-faster. Sales of CBD products alone will bloom into...

Kudos to Ganjapreneur for this scoop: Pete Sessions’ successor as leader of the House Rules Committee, Jim McGovern (D-Mass) will not block cannabis bills from coming to the floor for debate and vote.

McGovern is reported to have said “Unlike my predecessor, I’m not going to block amendments for marijuana. Citizens are passing ballot initiatives, legislatures are passing laws, and we need to respect that. Federal laws and statu...

Regulatory insecurities and crashing wholesale prices are driving new money to the holy grail of true customer satisfaction.

Now that the industry has hit a sort of phase two in development - with more states about to legalize recreational and medical in the offing, an entire new country with legal cannabis, and the chance that legalization/scheduling issues will soon be addressed in Congress through new legislation like the ST...

Bruce Linton has an easy-going air about him that probably is a bit unnerving to those who know the kind of risks he is taking. The cannabis and hemp company he co-founded in 2014, Canopy Growth Corporation, made history by being the first cannabis company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange in May (“They didn’t let me ring the bell, but that’s OK,” he says of that moment). As CEO, Linton is the public face of Canopy.


Newcomers find an edge to bridge business understanding between cannabis entrepreneurs and skittish investors

Are traditional investors ready to throw their hats into the cannabis market?

Yes and no. 

All you have to do is look at the Tilray run recently – crashing from a high of $300/share to $99/share in just a few days in September – to see why they are not jumping in just yet. Too much regulatory and legal uncertainty. Too mu...

September 21, 2018

About a year ago we felt the earth shift when Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval threw hands with the alcohol industry. Though it ended up in court, by then the legal cannabis industry was on its feet and cranking out revenues that are now 140% of the estimates. Total victory.

Notable in the fight: an American elected official boldly and loudly sided with the state's cannabis industry, and acknowledged its ability to contribut...

The Super Bowl of Cannabis, MJ Biz Con in Las Vegas, is coming up on mid-November. Whether this is your first attempt or an annual trek some planning is in order.

There is so much to see and so many people to meet that many attendees leave saying “What Happened?”

This will be my fourth consecutive year and I have seen the attendance triple in that timeframe. Advance planning is a must.

I had the chance to interview Cassandra Farr...

The American Cannabis Report is proud to announce that David Hodes, a member of the National Press Club and an experienced and award-winning American journalist with deep experience writing about the cannabis industry, has joined us as our Washington Correspondent.

Mr. Hodes was named 2018 Journalist of the Year by Americans for Safe Access, the largest U.S. medical cannabis advocacy organization. He has served as Managing...

During the development of the legal cannabis industry in the United States, MedMen has brought numerous innovations.

Whether in store-design ("The Apple Store of Weed") or marketing, we gave them kudos ("MedMen's Bold New Ads"). The company has been agile and determined, and now, has raised gobs of capital on the Canadian stock market, where everyone can get on the train (MMEN.C)

On the yooglier side of things, a certain stank h...

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