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  • American Cannabis Report Editorial Staff

Al Capone, El Chapo, and Ice Cream

Many have said that the only lasting result of Prohibition in the 1920's is organized crime in America. And that by following the same prohibition policy against cannabis, EVERY YEAR the federal government is ensures that an estimated $40 to $50 Billion in black market cash goes to violent criminals like El Chapo and his drug dealer networks, instead of to public health, education, infrastructure, and safety.

So when headlines like "the estimated market value of cannabis now tops that of ice cream" grab one's attention (or frozen pizza, or movie tickets - take your pick), it's critical to keep the broader impacts of legalization-and-regulation in mind.

A few thoughts about what $50Billion in sales COULD mean.

Now that's a lot of ice cream.

image credit: Bud's Ice Cream of San Francisco

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