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  • American Cannabis Report Editorial Staff

Michigan Signature Drive Gains Momentum

In the State of Michigan, the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana* Like Alcohol needs to collect 252,523 signatures on its petition within 6 months to place the question on the 2018 ballot. As of July 10, the campaign had already collected over 100,000 signatures.

Medical cannabis was legalized in Michigan in 2008. If approved by Michigan voters in November '18, the recreational legalization initiative would:

  • Legalize personal possession, cultivation, and use of limited amounts of cannabis for adults 21 and older;

  • Legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp;

  • License businesses that cultivate, process, test, transport, and sell cannabis;

  • Protect consumers with proper testing and safety regulations for retail cannabis; and

  • Tax cannabis at retail levels with a 10 percent excise tax and 6 percent sales tax, which will support K-12 public schools, roads, and local governments.

* (We at the American Cannabis Report find it positive that the State of Michigan is moving in the direction of legalization, though it's regrettable they're using the word 'marijuana' instead of cannabis throughout. Marijuana is a term that's loaded with a century of racist propaganda... keep your eye on this site for a continued campaign to eradicate this word from our lexicon.)

Image source: Image gallery of Michigan postcards

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