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  • American Cannabis Report Editorial Staff

LA Has Hundreds of Dispensaries. Here's the Map

The Los Angeles Daily News dropped two cannabis stories today. The other one is about banking. This one is about the Comproller's LA Cannabis Dispensary Map.

Yes, that link above will take you to the actual scalable map of all the dispensaries the City knows about, which includes:

  • 191 Marijuana businesses that are eligible to apply for a special 2017 Business Tax Registration Certificate

  • 756 Marijuana businesses that held Business Tax Registration Certificate in 2016, and

  • 563 Marijuana businesses against which the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office filed criminal cases.

The article covers the potential scale of the cannabis industry in Los Angeles:

"The controller estimates that the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana could be a financial boon for the city, with tax revenue coming in from potentially $700 million in retail sales during the first year from not only the dispensaries, but cultivators, delivery companies, manufacturers and other businesses that are also part of the pot industry.The city could stand to gain $50 million in tax revenue from sales in 2018, which is the year the city marijuana regulation is due to kick in."

... Which is something the LA Cannabis Task Force wishes the City would recognize as it struggles with legalization policies.

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