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  • American Cannabis Report Editorial Staff

MJ Freeway Goes Down Again

The third time is definitely NOT a charm for beleaguered MJ Freeway.

In January of this year, the cannabis software giant experienced a major hack which took down its system at over 1,000 dispensaries across the US.

According the MJ Biz Daily, the firm suffered a second attack in June when "some of its source code information was posted illegally online."

Now, for the third time in this year MJ Freeway has gone down again, forcing dispensaries throughout Arizona to track sales manually or even close their doors and wait for the outage to end. Word is, the software was down over the weekend, and then again today. This intel comes from High Mountain Health, which posted on its Twitter feed.

Perhaps all of these problems with MJ Freeway provide an opportunity for other POS software providers, such as Treez?

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