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They Oughtta Know: WHO Announces CBD Has No Health Risks

As reported in PopSugar:

"Today the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a report stating that the medical use of CBD (cannabidiol) is safe and poses no health risks.

Here are a few highlights from the report:

  • It's not addictive: "CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential."

  • It's an effective medicine: "CBD has been demonstrated as an effective treatment of epilepsy in several clinical trials, with one pure CBD product (Epidiolex®) currently in Phase III trials. There is also preliminary evidence that CBD may be a useful treatment for a number of other medical conditions."

  • It's safe to take, unless it interacts with another medication you're taking: "CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile. Reported adverse effects may be as a result of drug-drug interactions between CBD and patients' existing medications." There was nothing else listed under the "Adverse Reactions in Humans" section.

  • It doesn't induce intoxication (aka: "doesn't get you high") "Across a range of measures in humans and animals, CBD had been shown to have very different effects from those of THC," the report stated. In fact, CBD can mitigate intoxication from THC if you choose to take CBD with THC. "Studies have shown that CBD may reduce or antagonize some of the effects of THC."

According to a related story in Westword, "CBD has shown that it has medical benefits for epileptic seizures, pain, insomnia and inflammation, among other afflictions; it can be derived from both psychoactive cannabis and hemp. According to the WHO report, there is also preliminary evidence that it can treat Alzheimer's disease, Crohn's disease, certain forms of cancer, Parkinson's disease and other serious conditions.

During a critical WHO session, Mexican President Raúl Elizalde "... shared the story of his daughter’s experience with CBD. He urged the special committee to recognize that the cannabinoid is non-psychoactive and encouraged them to recommend that it not be subject to drug scheduling."

image source: Popsugar

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