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  • American Cannabis Report Editorial Staff

Not So Fast, Western States... Cannabis Courage is Coming from the East

Less than a week after the infamous Sessions Memo was released, representatives from Western cannabis-legal states have made a lot of noise.

(Some even say certain prominent legislators are all sizzle, no steak on cannabis legal action...)

While their western cannabis-legal compatriots fiddle, several Eastern States have taken real action:

  • Earlier this week the Vermont Legislature has approved adult possession and use of cannabis, the first state in which it was legislators and not voters who pushed legalization

  • "The bill, titled H.511, was passed by Vermont's Democratic-controlled legislature on Wednesday and allows those 21 and over to posses up to an ounce of marijuana and grow up to two plants to maturity. It does not, however, set up a system of dispensaries as most other states have. Republican Governor Phil Scott says he'll sign the measure into law later this month. After the bill is signed, the law will take effect on July 1."

  • Also earlier this week, New Hampshire's House of Representatives voted to legalize. The state's governor is expected to veto the bill even though 68% of adults in New Hampshire support it.

  • "Under the bill, which is expected to soon move to the state Senate, people over 21 years of age would be allowed to legally possess three-quarters of an ounce of marijuana and grow up to three mature cannabis plants at home. Retail sales locations would not be allowed."

  • In neighboring Massachusetts, a state that's never been faint of heart in America's fights for freedoms, local and state police have announced they will not spend precious resources prosecuting something the voters have approved.

  • Moving west to New York, for the first time Federal assistance was used to help finance a hemp processing facility.

  • "As of this year, New York has: 21 licensed hemp growers7 licensed hemp seed and/or flower processors2,000 outdoor acres licensed for cultivation"

  • A bit further south in New Jersey, which is under new management, "Democratic state Sen. Nicholas Scutari introduced the measure allowing the recreational use of marijuana on Tuesday, the same day the new session of the Democrat-led Legislature convened...

  • Incoming Democratic governor Phil Murphy campaigned on legalizing marijuana. Former Gov. Chris Christie is a vocal opponent."

  • Pennsylvania's medical cannabis market is on its feet, and expecting a harvest by Valentine's Day.

Image source: Cornish Heritage Society

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