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  • Emily Drayton, Staff Writer

Propaganda Disguised as News

The decades-long cannabis prohibition saga has several boogeymen - Hearst with his filthy film "Reefer Madness" that's laughably absurd but still has people tittering about gateway drugs; Nixon with the "War on Drugs" that was really gerrymandering at its darkest (pun intended) but loose enough to let just a few kilos slip through (Oliver who?); and that guy who's rumored to have said he thought the KKK were OK until he found out they smoked marijuana.

Those are some of the scariest under-the-bed geezers who spread their lies for 80 years through a focused, coordinated, decades-long media blitz that still has my mother whispering "Are you still involved in that industry?"

When the big dumb stuff about gateway drugs still drools out of the mouths of politicians yearning to make America great again or whatever, most people are now wise enough to the smell the bullish*t. We know this is true because

But watch how they're coming at us now:

> "All the ways marijuana can hurt your health" - - try telling that to the mother of a child with epilepsy, or the cancer patient, or the Paleo Boss Lady, or Leonard Marshall, or ...

The battles for the right to medicines, treatments, racial equity in the legal system, and personal freedoms that are given to other intoxicants continues.

Image source: A&E Biography, Daily Kos, High Times, Senior Stoner

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