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The Colonies are Getting It, Yer Majesty, What Say Ye?

A Letter to the Queen:

From Melbourne to Miami to to Mutare to Montreal, countries from end to end of your former British empire are ending the scourge of cannabis Prohibition. What say ye?

A-way down in Africa, "Zimbabwe just became the second country in Africa to legalise cannabis cultivation", joining Lesotho in the drive to legalize, regulate and collect taxes on the crop that's ubiquitous around the world. What say ye?

Whoa, Canada!... Oh Cannabis!... Take your pick, Your Majesty.

"After a Senate vote of 52 to 29 in favour of Bill C-45, and an announcement by Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that recreational marijuana would officially be legal by mid-October of this year, the Cannabis Act is now officially law after receiving royal assent this morning."

Meanwhile, over in jolly old England, you allowed a cabinet minister to conduct a little "War on Drugs", eliminating competition for her husband's legal cannabis export company and increasing the family trust fund, and stood silent while a your coppers shook down a vulnerable mother at Heathrow and stole her very sick boy's medicine. What say ye?

The last one saved a boy's life and the first one will likely save a society from black market crime and violence and add $60Billion to the coffers each year.

"The war against cannabis has been "comprehensively and irreversibly lost", said former Conservative leader William Hague this week. What say ye?

Love the celadon lid, Liz, but with Lady May blinded by Brexit, and support a little 20th century, how about just blowing the doors off and issuing a royal proclamation to End Prohibition in England?

What say ye?

image source: the Daily Express

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