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  • Christopher Smith, Publisher

Boone Cutler, US Cannabis Coalition Advisor

A good story for Memorial Day: “The United States Cannabis Coalition is proud to announce the appointment of retired US Army Sergeant Boone Cutler to its Advisory Board. A noted author, radio talk show host and veteran’s advocate, Cutler is an important activist for cannabis PTSD treatment and joins Board Member and former US Army Infantryman Tyler Nixon on the USCC’s Committee on Veterans Access.”

I have to admit, I got a hankering for this guy. If there’s one person who’s most responsible for motivating me to have written more than 500 articles on cannabis, and read on The State of Cannabis News Hour more than 150 times, it’s Boone Cutler.

He helped me reach a whole new level of understanding about why cannabis is so important, especially for for Veterans , how cynical the Veterans Administration is in forcing wounded veterans into an opiate nightmare, which is perhaps one of the reasons why the suicide rate is highest ever among active military, and more than 6,000 veterans take their lives each year.


Boone Cutler was an Army paratrooper in Iraq, fought in Falluja, and was hit by a mortar shell explosion that led to 17 surgeries at Walter Reed and other VA hospitals where they gave him what he calls ‘the combat cocktail’; 27 different mainly opiate and psych-based medications. "Recognizing that the overload of pills was ruining his life, Cutler switched to medical cannabis and finally found relief from his symptoms."

“Cannabis literally saved my life.’ Cutler says, ‘the VA’s combat cocktail was killing me. I was a zombie and my symptoms were getting worse, not better. When I learned that Israel and other developed countries successfully use cannabis to treat issues like mine; it became my mission to fight for my Warfighter family to get the same life-saving cannabis that helped me. Together with the USCC, we will win the fight for real PTSD treatment."

Cutler was one of the founders of the Warfighter Hemp company in Colorado. Also, his situation had been so bad he considered suicide many times, and then created The Spartan Pledge, which has saved countless lives:

"I will not take my own life by my own hand until I talk to my battle buddy first.

My mission is to find a mission to help my warfighter family."

“The demonization of cannabis has become a political movement that’s partnered big-money Pharma lobbyists with politicians to keep it all going for decades” said Cutler, “Good people have been duped, bad people have been made rich, and our families have suffered needlessly. Cannabis-based medicine helps when we stop the madness and treat the patient”.

USCC board member Michael Bowen concurred saying, “Boone is the voice for the millions of veterans pleading to replace the VA’s opiate overload with safer marijuana alternatives. Our work together in ending pot prohibition will save millions of lives”.


The US Cannabis Coalition is a very interesting group. From the roster of its advisory board, once can see it’s a wildly bipartisan group founded by Roger Stone – Trump Advisor, and Democratic Activist John Morgan, all led by Steven Hawkins, former head of the ACLU. I look forward to interviewing Mr. Hawkins on the Pro Cannabis Media platform in 2 weeks.

And finally, because this article mentions suicide, I’d like to add this information from my research: “If you are a veteran in crisis, call 911 or the veteran crisis line at 1-800-273-8255. If you’re a veteran who needs help, call 211. Veterans will be directed to veteran assistance, including legal aid, health, and financial resources.


Image Source: Boone Cutler

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