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  • Christopher Smith, Publisher

Free ACHEM Global Health Summit

ACHEM, The Association for Cannabis Health Equity and Medicine, is a professional medical association within the Cannabis Health Equity Movement (CHEM)™. It is a mutual benefit nonprofit organization serving the needs of BIPOC healers and health and medical professionals in the advancement of health equity, and founded by Drs. Janice, Jessica, and Rachel Knox, and Dr. Ogadinma "Oga" Obie.​

This is a FREE EVENT provided by ACHEM to illuminate and elevate our communities.

"Join us as we tell our stories - the stories of people of color in relation to the cannabis plant. Presenters from ACHEM's Board of Directors will take you on a journey through various BIPOC communities, explaining their history with the plant and the industry surrounding it. Then, continue with us as panelists representing Pan-African, Pan-Indigenous, Pan-Latin, Pan-Caribbean, and Pan-Asian perspectives discuss how to utilize the lessons from our histories to get to a point of health equity - the assuredness of access to full health and wellbeing for all."

Click on the graphic below to LINK to the sign in page.

See you there!

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