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  • Christopher Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Government Weed Imperils Our Health

My primary story today is from the news feed of the National Organization for Marijuana Legalization, aka NORML, with support from several other sources:


As many are aware, “Since 1968, the University of Mississippi’s farm, which is governed by the US National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), has been the only legal source of cannabis for use in FDA-approved research.”

In a deviously closed-loop system of lies, the Gov grows its own weed behind barbed-wire, tests it behind closed doors, and consistently reaffirms its own false conclusion that cannabis is one of the most dangerous drugs on earth, keeping it on Schedule 1 to maintain the massive budgets and militarized and racist policing practices of the War on Drugs.

But recent years, journalists and researchers have pulled back the curtains on this Wizard of Oz charade. In 2017 “Jake Browne, cannabis critic for the Cannabist, famously reported that government-weed “… is, flat out, not a usable form of cannabis … you can clearly see stems and leaves in there … that should be discarded. Inhaling that would be like eating an apple including the seeds inside it and the branch it grew on.”

How weak is Government Boof? “According to NIDA’s current marijuana menu, no available samples contain more than seven percent THC and all samples contain less than one percent CBD.”

Not only is it ditch weed, it’s filthy: researcher Rick Doblin said the marijuana they received from NIDA showed levels of mold and yeast that far exceeded standards for … states, like Colorado and Washington.


Now comes more damning evidence of Government ignorance or incompetence or malfeasance or all of the above:

As reported in the news feed of NORML: “Our results clearly demonstrate that NIDA cannabis samples are substantially genetically different from most commercially available drug-type strains and Share A Genetic Affinity With Hemp Samples in several of the analyses.” (italics added)


But despite the incestuous reach-around between the DEA and FDA, real change might be coming – from an unexpected place: NIDA itself.

“…(NIDA) told Congress in a report obtained by Marijuana Moment that the Schedule I status of controlled substances like cannabis is preventing or discouraging research into their potential risks and benefits.

“… It also said that current restrictions that block scientists from studying the actual cannabinoid products that consumers can purchase at dispensaries is impeding research to an extent that constitutes a public health concern.”

And with popular disapproval of cannabis Prohibition at historic highs, let’s see if the Government can get out of its own way before it’s junk-science becomes completely irrelevant.

IMAGE SOURCE: Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem for Pexels


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