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  • Alexander Bencore

Sleepy Joe OG

My good friend Jason Beck is the longest running cannabis retailer in the United States, and a very conservative fellow by nature, which causes some lighthearted ribbing to ensue on our State of Cannabis News Hour show...

You didn’t know it was his birthday today? Well here’s a little story that’s gift wrapped just for Jason:


Snoop Dogg is arguably one of the greatest rappers of all time, having been in the music game since 1992, (I had to look that up, white boy that I am) but that’s 30 years now - - my how time flies - - He's released some of the greatest songs and collaborations of our generation, 10 consecutive gold records (9 of which went Platinum), 34 films, 25 TV series, and Martha Martha Martha Stewart … that is, sweet girl from MY hood…

And all from LA, bitches, so there’s that.

But now, Snoop is poking the nose of the biggest Dogg on the block: Joe Biden.

Snoop posted on his Instagram a package of a new strain called SLEEPY JOE OG.

The package features an image of a confused Biden with the words, “Where am I?” (This is ALL for you, Jason)

Sleepy Joe OG Premium Cannabis promises to be so kick-ass, that “You won’t even remember what country you are in!”


Seriously though, it’s so great to see that some people have not forgotten one of the key ingredients of great weed is that it’s FUN. Yes, it’s absolutely critical medicine for some and a powerful opportunity for economics and for social justice.

At the same time, at the very same time, weed takes you out of the grind for a while, puts a smile on your face, and expands your imagination.

And god knows we all need that, yes she does.

People love Snoop and love this new branding, I just looked at the post – there are more than 500,000 LIKES and almost 10,000 comments already, including:

  • “Snoop hook me up I need whatever joe smokin,” one wrote.

  • “Do I hit it and get my vote back?”

  • “Don’t ride a bike after u hit this,” wrote a third, referring to how Sleepy Joe fell of his bike in Delaware last week.

  • “That shit will get you high as the gas prices”

  • Plz help a senior out. Send a care basket.

Or the comment I left with Snoop:

“So strong, it will make you forget to decriminalize weed”

But I think we can do better!!

I urge all of you, Dear Readers, to drop into Snoop’s Insta and leave the best comment possible, and tweak The President’s nose for his LACK OF ACTIVITY on cannabis.


Jason, I’ve teed up a sweet story for you. Any chance you’d like to say something about Snoop’s fine new strain?

But before I hand it over, there’s one more comment from Snoop’s post: “Hey, Tinos Genetics has got a Trump Strain called Rotten Peaches … LMFAO

Go Jason!


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