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  • Alexander Bencore

State of Cannabis News Hour on Clubhouse: May 13, 2021

We wrapped another episode of the Cannabis News Hour this morning, with an outstanding cast and incredible slate of cannabis news headlines from around the world.

Today's cast included:

  • Gretchen Gailey, a Washington insider and founder of Panoptic Strategies

  • Priscilla Pyrk, Voted Top 25 Women in Cannabis Making History & CEO of Award-Winning Original Breeders League

  • Victoria Litman, medical patient, activist, & lawyer

  • Lara DeCaro, co-founder of International Cannabis Bar Association

  • Steve Bloom, Publisher of, former editor of High Times and founder of 4/20

  • Jason Beck, the Longest Continuous Retailer of Cannabis in the US

  • Rico Lamitte, Founder of Canivision and a Dope Dad

  • Nichole West, Cannabis Business Specialist & UFCW Representative

  • Sara Stogner, Attorney in Louisiana, Texas, and Colorado

  • Brian Applegarth, Founder of the Cannabis Travel Association

  • and Nancy Birnbaum, Founding Publisher Sensi Mag NorCal & Cannabis Mentor at Founder Institute.

May 13, 2021 Stories included:

Safe Banking Act Cannabis Tourism


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