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  • Christopher Smith, Editor-in-Chief

SXSW 2023 Cannabis Branding Panel Announced, Argie and Others to Shine

We predict that SXSW is going to be "The Happening" from March 10-19, 2023, and right on time, SXSW event coordinators are starting to push out information about what we can look forward to.

Just get your tickets now and thank us later.

Not surprisingly, CANNABIS IS GOING TO BE A FEATURED TOPIC, with some special deep-dives that will bring out the industry's most interesting experts to share their knowledge, strategies, and scars gained from the streetfight that ending Prohibition has become.

From our perspective, the panel called "How Women will Shape Future Cannabis Branding" is going to absolutely crush it. Bro Culture has ruled the cannabis landscape for long enough - the under-represented opportunity for The Plant is older and femaler - (we know this is not a word yet, but try to keep up). We Upvoted this panel using our SXSW membership - - 1 click to pick it.

Why? First of all, here's the scoop:

More women are consuming cannabis. According to Brightfield Group, the portion of female cannabis users reached 51% in 2021. Additionally, it is generally believed that women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing decisions. As cannabis legalization increases and continues to normalize, it will likely be women purchasing her household’s cannabis supply, in the same way she picks up beer and wine at the store.

Smart brands have realized that the future of weed is women and are already designing products, marketing materials, and other outreach with women and their needs in mind. Here from a mix of brands not only led by women, but specifically targeting women as a key audience, about their current approach and how they are planning to grow this market segment.

Next, the Panel:

  • Hillary Peckham, Chief Operating Officer, Etain Health

  • Kristina Adduci, Founder & CEO, House of Puff

  • Jenny Argie, Founder, Jenny's Baked at Home

  • Beryl Solomon, Founder & CEO, Poplar

Finally, (focus now, Dear Readers):

Even though Kristina Adduci, Founder of House of Puff is featured on the page, keep an eye on Jenny Argie, a real rising star in the industry from the nascent NY cannabis market. Argie was one of the first people in NY to get a hemp license 7 years ago, and her leadership in the industry is indelible at this point. (Did we say The Future is Female?)

What makes her unique is that this is not her first rodeo in creating a business with profound potential. She also founded and ran Argington, a children's furniture company, and ran it for 15 years.

Furniture ain't cannabis, you say? Exactly right! Designing cutting edge pieces that were coveted all over the world (the client list would blow your mind), manufacturing and shipping from three dozen factories in China, branding and marketing in practically every publication in print ... What could be better preparation for the NY Cannabis market explosion that's just around the bend?

So get to SXSW 2023 (March 10-19), check out the power women on the panel "How Women will Shape Future Cannabis Branding", and we'll see you there.



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