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  • Christopher Smith, Publisher

The California Report for Weed Talk News

Each week, I research and prepare a few of the most compelling news stories from the California Cannabis Market. These are combined with other key markets around the country into "Weed Talk News" by the terrific folks at Pro Cannabis Media and its founder, the inimitable Jimmy Young.

Weed Talk News airs every Friday afternoon, then lives forever on the Pro Cannabis Media YouTube channel... Check it out!

Here's a little taste of a broadcast script:

"I’m Christopher Smith, Publisher of the American Cannabis Report, bringing the Roundup from the Great Cannabis State of California for WEED TALK NEWS.

Highway Cannabis is a relatively new name on the California scene but are not here to play. The company says it is “well positioned to play a meaningful role in the consolidation of the California market” through both new store openings and conversions into Highway Cannabis dispensaries throughout the Golden State. With a $20Million war chest and a musclebound board of cannabis pros, the company has just acquired Marina Caregivers, and 2 of KindPeople’s shops in Santa Cruz, and signed a merger agreement with a 32,000 square foot grow in San Diego. Keep an eye on Highway.

420 Intel asks the question: Do Celebrity Cannabis Brands Perform Well vs Other Cannabis Brands?” In the last few months, Seth Rogan, Justin Bieber, rapper Lil’ Kim, and hoopers Kevin Durant, Allen Iverson and Ben Wallace and have joined Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson and of course Cheech and Chong, in fronting cannabis brands. The author doesn’t give a definitive answer, but it might be because they’re asking the wrong question. It should be: Are celebrities giving fans good quality weed, or just generic boof with their name on it. The jury is still out, but I’ll bet the Beebs is sweating.

On the National Scene, in case it hasn’t been reported here yet, Cannabis is now the #5 crop by revenue in the US, according to Leafly’s inaugural Cannabis Harvest Report, which is produced along with Whitney Economics. By analyzing only the 11 states where Cannabis is legal for adult use, Leafly found 13,042 farms, that harvest over 5 million pounds for a wholesale value of $6.2 Billion, bringing it in just behind wheat, hay, soybeans, and corn. It’s the most valuable crop in Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and in Alaska, “… the state’s cannabis crop is worth more than twice as much as all other agricultural products combined.”

So it won’t surprise you to know that the latest Gallup poll shows support for legalizing cannabis is holding steady at 68% and Business intelligence from software firm Akerna … shows that over Halloween weekend adult-use cannabis consumers spent more on cannabis than other people spent on candy and costumes.

But not at Big Mike’s Halloweed Bazaar, held annually at a secret Beverly Hills location, This year’s event was “as big and bold as the man himself.” “A one-time outlaw grower whose celebrated “green thumb” led him to found plant nutrition powerhouse Advanced Nutrients, Big Mike justifiably famous for his over-the-top soirées. A few of the highlights: “Pillars bursting into flame. Fire dancers. Water dragons. Contortionists Sword swallowers, fortune tellers, face painters, a Ferris wheel, dancers… If you’re not jealous, you should be!

END: And I’m Christopher Smith, from the American Cannabis Report, sending peace and love from Cannabis Heaven, California for Weed Talk News.


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