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  • Christopher Smith, Publisher

We Endorse Dr. Oz as Republican Senate Candidate from Pennsylvania

In the race for Pennsylvania's hotly-contested US Senate seat, Republican votes are still being counted this morning. Better late than never, The American Cannabis Report is putting our full support behind Dr. Mehmet Oz to represent the Republican Party in that race.

Cannabis values are American values.

  • The American cannabis community believes in personal freedom and responsibility for adults to enjoy the full promise of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" as stated in the Declaration of Independence.

  • The cannabis community believes that citizens of the richest country in the world should have access to the Medicine, Health, and Wellness benefits provided by God's Favorite Plant(TM)

  • The cannabis community knows that God's Favorite Plant is safer than alcohol, tobacco, opioids, sugar for the health and wellbeing of our people, with no known overdose deaths in 12,000 years.

  • Even in our limited cannabis industry, more than half-a-million Americans are employed in the cannabis industry, the fastest growing employment sector in America.

Yet somehow, in the effort to legalize and normalize cannabis after 85 years of illegitimate Prohibition based on "Reefer Madness" lies, Republicans consistently vote against such progress.

We are not sure why Republicans hate American freedoms and vote to disrespect responsible adult decisions, and to keep medicines from vulnerable children and military veterans with crippling and fatal medical conditions.

Consistent with these radically un-American attitudes, Dr. Oz said the following about cannabis on NewsMax last night:

“There are not enough Pennsylvanians to work in Pennsylvania. So, giving them pot so they stay home I don’t think is an ideal move. Also, I don’t want to breed addiction to marijuana. It’s not physical addiction, it’s emotional addiction.

But I don’t want young people to think they have to smoke a joint to get out of the house in the morning. We need to get Pennsylvanians back at work, got to give them their mojo, and I don’t want marijuana to be a hindrance to that.

I also don’t want people operating heavy machinery and driving by me when they’re taking their fourth joint of the day.”

These arcane, false, ignorant, 19th century beliefs seem to form the core beliefs of Dr. Oz' parents' generation... and we are not surprised when 80 year-olds who have been indoctrinated since birth on Reefer Madness lies might have stopped caring about cannabis truths.

But Dr. Oz is only 61 years old. He is a physician with multiple degrees and honors, a successful TV career and an estimated $100 Million net worth. One would think a mind like his would be incapable of such nonsense...

But since he's revealed his absolute ignorance about cannabis, we recommend that he run against the best Pennsylvania candidate for US Senate: John Fetterman .

From Fetterman's campaign website:

"John doesn’t look like a typical politician, and more importantly, he doesn’t act like one. He supported legalizing marijuana before it was popular, officiated a same-sex marriage before it was legal, and pushed for single payer healthcare long before it was mainstream. The issues John is running on now are the same issues he’s been working on for the last two decades."

We can't wait to see how Dr. Oz' typical-Republican ancient ignorance about cannabis stands up to modern scrutiny, and to watch Fetterman lead from the floor of the Senate, while Dr. Oz is only available in Oprah reruns.


Image source: Twitter

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